You are a Sanguine

You are extremely social, and tend to maintain good relations and friendships. Your temperament is such that you like to be with people. You excel in communication and perform functions in a task-oriented manner.

Ideal Careers: Human Resources, Public Speaking, Coaching, Teaching, Marketing and Sales.

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You are a Choleric

You have a great capability to analyze. You have a practical approach towards your work. You are very fond of planning, acquiring knowledge, configuring and inventing. You have no tolerance for errors.

Ideal Careers: Architects, Managers, Entrepreneurs, Strategic analysts.

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You are Melancholy

YYou are thoughtful, accurate, considerate and artistic. You are very good with numbers, charts, graphs, and like keeping things in an organized manner. You have an eye for detail, and hence you spend too much time perfecting things. Your strict discipline and a capability to discipline others makes you really good at mathematical applications.

Ideal Careers: Engineering, Mathematics and Accounts, Writing, Administrating.

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You are Phlegmatic

You are deliberate, quiet and task-oriented. You prefer avoiding conflicts, and hence, are seen as a 'neutral person' everywhere. You're not the one who would take initiative, and find it better to take a backseat in projects.

Ideal Careers: Web designers, programmers, economists, and for that matter, any place where a person should have a capability to observe well.

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1. How would you describe yourself?

  • A. Sociable
  • B. Determined
  • C. Empathetic
  • D. Relaxed

2. You find it most difficult to …

  • A. Be among friends but not adding much to the conversation.
  • B. Converse with a sentimental person.
  • C. Work on a project devoid of deadlines.
  • D. Lead a team and tell people what to do.

3. When someone treats you unfairly, you …

  • A. Rant about it with your friends.
  • B. Confront the person.
  • C. Brood about it and get moody over it.
  • D. Are unaffected by it.

4. What are your greatest strengths?

  • A. Enthusiastic and demonstrative
  • B. Optimistic and independent
  • C. Idealistic and creative
  • D. Patient and easy-going

5. What are your greatest weaknesses?

  • A. Disorderly and ill-disciplined
  • B. Dominating and impatient
  • C. Skeptical and antsy
  • D. Indecisive and reserved

6. What do your friends comment about you?

  • A. You are the merry-maker.
  • B. You are the spearhead of your group.
  • C. You are a keen listener and harmonizer.
  • D. You are the most easy-going one.

7. Which of the following adjectives you’re mostly being addressed with?

  • A. Innovative
  • B. Goal-oriented
  • C. Perfectionist
  • D. Steady

8. The world will be a better place if people …

  • A. Maintain a child-like attitude.
  • B. Try using some common sense.
  • C. Take time out for appreciating the little things in life―beauty found in nature, people doing good deeds, etc.
  • D. Don’t fuss about trifles.

Your result will display here…

Knowing your personality will help you choose the right career opportunities. Besides, these are also helpful in developing skills and sharpening abilities. We wish you all the best for your career. Signing off with popular sayings, ‘There is nothing that is impossible.’ and ‘Do not expect results without efforts‘.

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